Jaguar Spirit Animal Altar & Prayer Card


Energize and charge your altar table, shelf, and all your sacred spaces with powerful prayers and intentions from your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal Guides!

Each Altar and Prayer Card helps you call in the energy and medicine of the Animal Allies.

Elevate the energy matrix of your Shamanic, healing, spiritual, or energy healing area by placing the card in the middle of your altar or sacred space so its vibration radiates out from the center. Surround the card with any special objects and altar decor that resonates and aligns with your prayer and intention. These can include:

* A handwritten prayer
* Candle(s)
* Crystal(s)
* Incense
* Flowers
* Food (fruit, candy)
* Plant(s)
* Feathers
* Images of loved ones, gods, goddesses, etc.
* Statuary
* Money (coins, bills, checks)
* Toys and other memorabilia that resonates with the stated intention.

These stunning altar cards resonate deeply with:

* All who work with Shamanic tools for healing and journeying
* Wicca, Witch, Pagan
* Reiki and All Energy Healing Modalities
* Psychic Readers
* Tarot & Oracle Cards Readers
* Mediums
* Animal Communicators
* Angel Readers
* All Intuitives and Empaths



Dimensions: 5 × 7 in Category:



Jaguar Spirit Animal: When Jaguar pounces as your Spirit Animal, an old issue soon resolves.

Jaguar Totem Animal: Jaguar, as a Totem Animal, typifies people with fierce valor and adroit vision.

Jaguar Power Animal: Invoke Jaguar as a Power Animal for embracing change with dignity.

The resplendent Jaguar moves through the jungles with power and intensity. The Spirit Animal challenges you to face fears and confront both enemies and barriers head-on.

Jaguar also embodies the attribute of vision with eyes piercing the veil of night and seeing things with pristine clarity. Deceit has no place to hide from this fierce gaze, and the future reveals itself.

By working with this Jaguar Altar Card you can create whatever life you wish to live. Let them help you live in abundance, joy, and good health. In return…


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Dimensions 5 × 7 in


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